Biometric SID for Indian Seafarers

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    Biometric SID for Indian Seafarers


    DG Shipping is planning for a Biometric Seafarers Identity Document (SID) for Indian Seafarers to comply with ILO instrument C-185 on SID. The intention of such SID is not only to be certification information document but also an easily verifiable security document.

    Important points worth noting

    1. Required as per ILO Convention 185 which India intends to ratify.
    2. Biometric SID will enable Immigration authority and other state members to easily verify with certinity that holder is a seafarer.
    3. Necessary changes will be made to MS Act for new SID
    4. An Indian citizen in possession of a valid CDC (Continuous Discharge Certificate) needs to apply to Shipping master or other officers as prescribed by DG Shipping from time to time
    5. A photograph and biometric thumb impression will be collected at authorized collection center and transmitted to concerned Shipping master. The application, required documents and fees too will be collected at this center
    6. The Shipping Master will issue the SID in a prescribed format after verification.
    7. Maximum validity of the SID is proposed to be 10 years
    8. SID may be renewed on expiry or 6 months prior to expiry.
    9. The proposed draft is still under consideration and is open for comments/suggestion by stake holders.
    With expected ratification of ILO C 185 DG shipping in due time may declare the dead line for getting SID, exact fee structure and comprehensive document required for Seafarers Identity Document. You can get more details here (pdf)

    While I always thought that SID and CDC are one and the same, but with the biometric SID being planned this might not be the case in future. I am also confused a bit whether new SID will replace CDC because if this is not the case then be prepared to add one more Personal document to our long list of Maritime Certificates and Documents :(  Biometric SID for Indian Seafarers

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