DNS Course to be abolished in 2016

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DNS Course to be abolished in 2016


As more and more uninformed aspirants join Merchant Navy in India expecting quick money, count of unemployed cadets is increasing day by day ! DG Shipping announced financial help for Indian Cadets few months ago and we were in doubt if such efforts will be beneficial for anyone in the long run, however in the latest DG Shipping circular dated 02nd November 2015, they have stated their intention to abolish Diploma in Nautical Sciences Course by August 2016.

Some points worth highlighting

  1. Most approved Merchant Navy Colleges in India conducting DNS Course have failed miserably in providing 18 months SSTP to pass out Cadets.
  2. DNS Course has lost its demand with steep decline in admission from around 2904 Deck Cadets in 2010 to 1509 in 2014.
  3. Due to non completion of 18 months of SSTP, cadets also fail to receive the promised Bsc degree in reasonable time.
  4. Chief Examiner of mates and master have proposed DG Shipping to abolish DNS Course by August 2016.
  5. Bsc Nautical Science Colleges will continue to run 3 years Bsc Nautical Science course, following STCW 2010 requirements.
  6. A meeting of all stake holders is organised at DG Shipping Headquarters at 1500 on 04th Nov 2015.
  7. All approved DNS Colleges are requested to attend the said meeting and requested to bring last 5 years data of
    • approved intake of Cadets,
    • admitted intake,
    • Cadets placed for 18 months SSTP and
    • Cadets completed 18 months SSTP
  8. The meeting will be chaired by DG Shipping.
While most colleges may have collected the required data when the financial help for Deck cadets was announced by DG Shipping, authenticity of such data will always be debatable. Some colleges did placements where the cadets were selected but once they completed the college, they found companies asking them to wait for more than an year or two !
DNS Course to be abolishedI wish the meeting comes out with a permanent solution which will be beneficial to all, the unemployed cadets, the Maritime Colleges, Shipping companies in India and the maritime industry in general. You can read the Circular here (pdf)  

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