Pending Indian CDC replacement application not allowing re applying

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    Pending Indian CDC replacement application not allowing re applying


    I have Finished my Pages in Indian CDC and Applied online for Replacement CDC online on March 2019. I went for sailing and could not send the Original Pages finished CDC to Shipping office by their due date which was 25 Jun 2019. Status of online application says that Application will be rejected if not sent within 25 June 2019.

    I don't know what to do now as I need to send my Old CDC but is the last application still valid ?
    I cannot apply again It says you have one replacement application pending If I go to apply for a new application.

    Can Any one help with clear information.
    Many thanks for the Help in Advance

    Mark Biden | EDITED | EDIT | REPLY
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      Hi Mark,
      Sorry to hear that ! If DG Shipping E governance page is still showing the same error would suggest :

      1. You can contact DG Shipping for CDC / RPSL related issues
      Email : /
      I doubt they will be of any help to you though !

      2. Try DG Shipping Feedback link  
      I have found them really effective ! Under the Select a Service choose RENEWAL OF CDC or any other CDC issue options.
      You can report your issue to them. Most of the times complaining/feedback to them helped me in solving E Governance issues, hope they will help you too !
      Indian CDC issue E Governance feedback
      Please do add update/information if you solved the issue in any other way so that it can help mariners like you later ! Also I wrote my full experience of Indian CDC replacement procedure 2019, hope it helps you later. Best of luck !

      Rishi Kashyap | EDITED | EDIT | REPLY
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      Hi Rishi.
      Many Thanks for the Reply and Guidance,
      Appreciate Your Kind Help,
      I will Post the Feed back once done
      Thanks Again Rishi.

      Mark Biden | | EDIT | REPLY