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eSamudra IE Problem


Trust you know that eSamudra works only on Internet Explorer, but perhaps their programmers made it specific to some particular version only! Error "For better performance you are advised to use Internet Explorer" have been found when trying to update esamudra profile with IE 11.

Possible solution is :

  1. Use compatibilty mode in Internet Explorer
  2. try 1 version older than the present Internet Explorer.
For records I made my DG Shipping profile using IE 8 and even tested it successfully on IE 9 & IE 10.eSamudra IE Problem

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    You can use Esamudra with Google Chrome by tweaking its user-agent setting. Thanks to Tom Alex for sharing this tutorial.Esamudra on google Chrome (zip) [465.63 KB]

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    Recently when I did my GMDSS Renewal, I realised that I did not explain the use of compatibility mode of Internet Explorer. Like I said before DG Shipping profile will work with Internet Explorer version 7,8, 9 and 10. To know which version you are using
    Click "Setting" >> "About Internet Explorer"
    The popup opened will show you the version of your IE. To use the compatibility mode of IE (in simple terms making it to a lower version like IE 8 or IE 9)

    1. Press F12 to open Developer toolbar
    2. Click EMULATION
    3. Under Mode >> Document Mode change it to 8 or 9
    Once done you should be able to use the esamudra Profile on new version of Internet Explorer too.  JAHAJEE

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