DG Shipping E Governance Internet Explorer error

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    DG Shipping E Governance Internet Explorer error


    While updating Seafarer profile in DG Shipping E Governance this Msg Comes.
    For better performance you are advised to use Internet Explorer upto version 9.Tried out various Browsers without success. Any advise ?

    Mark Biden | EDITED | EDIT | REPLY
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      Hi Mark,
            DG Shipping E governance had Internet Explorer issue before, which I think they corrected some 3/4 years ago. Its strange that you are getting it again now ! I actually checked on Firefox 69.0.1 (Latest version) and was successfully able to update my Seafarer Profile. I hope you are not updating on your mobile, as DG Shipping E governance website is still not mobile friendly !

      If you are still getting the error would suggest :
      1. Not to use Mobile browsers or mobile, but update your seafarer profile on a computer/Laptop. Also try to use Compatibility view or tweak browser User Agent setting. We explained this in details at DG Shipping E governance Internet Explorer Problem. Hope it will be of help to you !

      2. You can contact DG Shipping E-Governance cell for your DG Shipping esamudra profile, esamudra problems and other esamudra profile issue.
      Tel.: 91-22-25752040 / 41 / 42 / 43 / 45 (Ext 282 or 283)
      Email : egovernance-dgs@gov.in

      3. My personal experience has been that they have corrected this IE issue before, but when they update their website it again starts to come for few days ! Someone complaints to them and then they correct it again, so just wait 2 to 3 days, perhaps they will correct it by this time !

      4. If everything fails try DG Shipping Feedback link  
      I have found them really effective ! You can report your issue to them. Perhaps they are 3rd Party organisation who are monitoring DG Shipping digital issues. Most of the times complaining/feedback to them has helped me in solving E Governance issues, hope they will help you too !

      Please do add update/information if you solved the issue in any other way so that it can help mariners like you later ! Best of luck !

      Rishi Kashyap | | EDIT | REPLY
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      -Hi Rishi.

      Many Thanks for the Information,
      Much Appreciate Your Kind Help.
      Cheers Mate.

      Mark Biden | | EDIT | REPLY