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GMDSS Renewal procedure

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    GMDSS Renewal procedure


    Please check GMDSS GOC renewal procedure for latest procedure. Below procedure is outdated !
    Before writing about GMDSS renewal procedure, please note you can apply for GMDSS renewal prior 3 months of GMDSS GOC expiry only ! I missed out on this information and had to cancel the demand draft which I made some 6 months prior GOC expiry.

    I will try to detail how I did my GMDSS renewal with reference to the concerned government website www.wpc.gov.in  (full of old details though). I have followed this post with GMDSS Endorsement procedure.

    Also remember by completing your profile you will get alerts before expiry of your Personal documents, as well as renewal procedures like these ! Our STCW 2010 sea-time calculator will also guide you about STCW 2010 Courses required to be done and Seatime required for next Maritime Examination.

    WPC website does give you an old list of documents, under category number 7) GMDSS (GOC)-Renewal which you can download from here [doc].

    List of copy of documents / printout I sent for GMDSS renewal are

    1. Copy of COC (or) COP duly attested by gazetted officer
    2. Copy of GMDSS GOC duly attested by gazetted officer
    3. Copy of CDC OR Proof of experience of not less than 6 months within 5 years immediately preceding the date of expiry of a license duly attested by gazetted officer
    4. Application Form - COP 23
    5. Demand Draft of INR One thousand (1000/-)
    6. On line registration acknowledgement slip
    Note if you have not sailed 6 months in last 5 years then you can do complete GMDSS COURSE in Kolkata / Mumbai / Delhi / Chennai , clear GMDSS examination [pdf] and get your GMDSS GOC renewed.

    While the fees is of 1000 INR, however if your GMDSS has already exired you need to pay extra, minimum being 250 INR (So total being 1250 INR). [q]In case the holder of the license does not apply for renewal prior to the date of expiy of license as under sub-rule (2) of rule 8, he may apply for the renewal of license within a period of two years after the date of expiry of the license on payment of additional fee at the rate of two percent of the renewal fee payable per month subject to a minimum of two hundred and fifty rupees (Rs.250/-)  and if the delay in renewal is more than twelve months, then, the additional fees under this rule shall be compounded annually subject to condition that in such cases the license shall be renewed for a period of five years from the date of expiry of the license.GMDSS GOC Renewal

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      Ignore the online website. Just do the other procedure of attestation etc. I got my GOC renewal in 3 weeks.  

      Jehan Irani | | EDIT | REPLY
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      hello Mr Dixon, Even I am facing the problem of not finding my Licence Record in WPS website.

      Kindly Advice, were you able to get renewal.


      Murali Muthyalu | | EDIT | REPLY
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      Sorry ,am onboard ship so could not reply. All guys just ignore the online site and apply normally.  

      Jehan Irani | | EDIT | REPLY
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      I am trying to apply online.. I have already registered my profile, but it is not showing my existing registered GOC, when I am using the search option. My GOC Expired 2 days back and I am trying to apply online..? Unable to do so..??
      Any thoughts on that..??

      Thank you for this portal, really helpfull.. :)  

      Satinder Walia | | EDIT | REPLY
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      Good day,
      In row 5. It asks for cert of competency number
      You have entered master coc

      However WPC is rejecting forms with CoC details

      They want GoC details entered there

      Kindly ammend for benefit of new applicants  

      Gaurang Doshi | | EDIT | REPLY

    X GMDSS Renewal online registration

    Please check GMDSS GOC renewal procedure for latest procedure. Below procedure is outdated !
    Before going for GMDSS renewal online registration, please get a Bank demand draft from STATE BANK OF INDIA in favour of PAO (HQ), DOT payable at NEW DELHI. Some SBI ask for PAN CARD copy while making the DD, please do take PAN Card copy, to avoid end moment surprise !

    Indian Maritime College did a brilliant tutorial detailing step by step procedure for doing GMDSS renewal online registration, hence I will not repeat it. However like DG Shipping profile registration has its own set of e-Samudra problems, GMDSS online registration too has few problems as detailed below

    1. GMDSS renewal online registration works with Internet Explorer
      GMDSS renewal online registration works only with Internet Explorer version lower than 10 (read 6, 7, 8 and 9). You can do what we mentioned in e-Samudra IE Problem or use compatibility mode by<ol class="clist" type="a]
    2. Press F12 to open Developer toolbar
    3. Click EMULATION
    4. Under Mode >> Document Mode change it to 8 or 9.
    I found the issue after selecting the State of my residence. In newer Internet Explorer, City dropdown was not opening. It worked perfectly after I changed Document mode view to 9.
  • Options do not appear as shown in tutorial
    I followed registration tutorial link by IMC, but the side tab options after login was not the same as shown in the images. I simply logged out and login again and it worked perfectly as described.
  • GMDSS GOC detail may show wrong data
    After filling and searching my GMDSS GOC data, the returned details showed my name incorrectly, if some of your details are incorrect in the GOC data, never mind, remember you did not fill it, it was done by WPC guys.
    If you have applied for GMDSS renewal before, your online registration may show "under process". Please take a screen shot of the error and send the documents. Thanks to Joseph Tharakan for the solution at GMDSS GOC renewal issue.
  • On completion of GMDSS Renewal online registration you will be shown 2 options Receipt and Form. I kept the receipt for reference and took printout of the generated form and and sent it with my filled GMDSS renewal form.  GMDSS Renewal online registration

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      Good day,
      Thanks Rishi for the wonderful post, as always our Govt doesn't make your life any easy with procedures.
      I have been trying to do the online registration but am getting the message The Problem may be due to 500 Server Error/404 Page Not Found.Please contact your system administrator. when I click on the Examination > Renewal....
      I tried the developers tool also as described but of no use, tried to contact WPC about this but no response as expected. Would be grateful for any assistance.  

      Rajkumar Madhavan | | EDIT | REPLY
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      Hi friend, I checked and you are right, it seems like they have renewed their website and the link is not working (hence 404 Page). The link is having wrong url with an extra "www". Try this link http://wpc.dot.gov.in/rdefault.asp  hopefully it should work. Best of luck.  

      Rishi Kashyap | | EDIT | REPLY
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      Hi ,
      I am unable to find my GOC Licence on the website. kindly advise.

      Dixon Dsa | | EDIT | REPLY
    X GMDSS Renewal form

    Please check GMDSS GOC renewal procedure for latest procedure. Below procedure is outdated !
    Surprisingly GMDSS renewal form (COP 23) in WPC website was an old version(doc). New form could be found at Indian Maritime College website and they have given pictorial instructions of filling same. You can also download my filled GMDSS form for reference. GMDSS Renewal form filled (zip) [674.27 KB]New form from IMC (doc)guideline for GMDSS renewal (pdf)
    One thing to note while filling GMDSS renewal form is under 6. Nature of duties performed (See para 'G' on page 4). Form doesn't have para 'G' and I filled "Maritime Mobile Service" under that section.
    WPC also wants GMDSS renewal form (COP 23) to be attested by gazetted officer.

    Thanks to Gaurang Doshi, who replied that WPC wants your GMDSS GOC details under section 5 for cert of competency number. When I applied I entered My COC details however it seems like WPC may have changed details !

    Once done, all above mentioned documents along with DD to be sent by Speed post to
    The Assistant Wireless Adviser to the Govt. of India,
    Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing,
    COP Section,
    Department of Telecom,
    619, Sanchar Bhawan,
    20, Ashoka Road,
    New Delhi - 110001
    Interested Mariners can please check GMDSS Endorsement Procedure too !
    GMDSS Renewal form

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      Thank you sir,
      I inquired and found that they did not accept attestation of UHBVN department. Mainly they are interested in stamp which include government in it. My suggestion, attestation of gazetted officer of Govt. school and colleges are better.  

      Yogender Nain | | EDIT | REPLY
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      Once application done online and documents submitted, how long does it take to receive an acknowledgement from them  

      Joe Mampilly | | EDIT | REPLY
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       my GMDSS- GOC license is expiring on 05th-Mar-2016. I tried applying online through the wpc website but was unsuccessful as the site is showing "Renewal of license already in progress".
      I had earlier applied for the renewal of license on 08-Jan-2011. I received the renew hardcopy that very year. But the website is still showing "hardcopy pending". I am not able to proceed further on the website for online submission.
      Should I send all docs + application form + demand draft to the mentioned address without submitting online.
      Kindly advise.  

      Banee Boy | | EDIT | REPLY
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      An RTI to WPC by Capt Pawan Duggirala clarifies that GMDSS GOC renewal time frame by WPC is only 15 days however my past experience is that it takes 30 to 40 days to receive GMDSS renewal letter.
      GMDSS GOC Renewal RTIIf WPC website is showing "Under process" after your last renewal it is advised to ignore and send your application through post with screenshot of this error. While mariners have got their GOC renewal letter within 30-40 days, there is no available mean to track GMDSS GOC renewal status! The only way it seems to get the application status is through online RTI to Wireless Planning and coordination Wing (WPC). Best of Luck.  

      Rishi Kashyap | | EDIT | REPLY
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      Now the procedures are different. You need to apply to Regional licensing office ( from where your GOC is issued) for renewal  

      Sunil Kumar | | EDIT | REPLY