Indian COC Revalidation procedure

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Indian COC Revalidation procedure


Since each MMD is confused about Indian COC renewal, so trying to detail Indian COC revalidation procedure for all MMD might be a herculean task, but here is what I collected from most social Media Websites, DG Shipping Circulars and my personal Experience of COC revalidation.  I specially thank Capt Delson Roche for sharing his detailed experience.

Also remember by completing your profile you will get alerts before expiry of your Personal documents, as well as renewal procedures like these ! Our STCW 2010 sea-time calculator also guide you about STCW 2010 Courses required to be done and Seatime required for next Maritime Examination.

Presently MMD is re-validating Indian COC till 31 Dec 2016 if Refresher Courses are not done.
If Refresher Courses are done then Indian COC is renewed as per STCW 2010 with an extension of 5 years. We all know that this isn't that simple though !Indian COC Revalidation Procedure  

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Rishi Kashyap
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X COC Revalidation procedure Deck Department

Irrespective whether you have done STCW 2010 Courses or not, certain Merchant Navy Courses in India and Personal documents needs to be renewed for COC Revalidation.

Courses and documents required for COC revalidation Deck department
Most MMD wants you to get your GMDSS Endorsement renewed prior applying for COC re-validation. As per STCW 2010 this GMDSS Endorsement is called GMDSS COC. You can download GMDSS Endorsement form ChecklistGMDSS Endorsement Form (zip) [631.38 KB]
Self attested copies of following documents are required
  1. Upgradation / Revalidation Course for Deck Officers [11 days Management Level OR 5 days Operational Level]
    (Includes Ref PSSR, Ref Medicare / Ref MFA, Ref SSO / STSDSD, MLC 2006 Course, BRM Course)
  2. ECDIS Course (5 days)
  3. SSO Course (Management level) / STSDSD Course (Operational Level)
  4. Refresher Medicare (Management level) / Refresher MFA (Operational Level)
  5. Challan of 5000 INR fees paid (MMD FEES)
  6. INDOS Number Certificate
  7. CDC (1st Page, Address Page and Sea service pages in last 5 years)
  8. Passport (1st and last Page)
  9. COC
  10. Sea-time Letter from RPSL approved company (1 year sailing in last 5 years)
  11. Valid Medical Report from DG Shipping approved doctors (Do not Submit Original Medical Report)
  12. Renewed GMDSS Endorsement
  13. 3 Passport size colour photograph in tie
  14. DG Shipping Profile printout
Additional Requirement Deck COC renewal (STCW 1995)
Additionally I was asked at MMD Kolkata to submit self attested copies of following documents
  1. AFF Course
  2. PSCRB Course
  3. ARPA Course
  4. RANSCO Course !
Additional Requirement Deck COC renewal (STCW 2010)
Self attested copies of following documents are required
  1. Refresher AFF Course - 1 day Course (Some College call it Refresher FPFF & Refresher AFF)
  2. Refresher PSCRB Course - 1 day Course (Some College call it Refresher PST & Refresher PSCRB)
COC Revalidation Form
I am attaching the document Checklist part of COC Revalidation Form, however do not be surprised if MMD is using different COC renewal form !
These days MMD Is changing forms (even manually) on their whims, causing more confusion ! In an attempt to seek uniformity, I have filed an RTI to DG Shipping for vague forms and procedures. I am also attaching all relevant DG Shipping Circulars for Deck Department COC revalidation.COC Revalidation Form STCW 2010RTI for DG Shipping Forms (zip) [9.21 KB]COC Revalidation Deck DG Circulars (zip) [1 MB]
Special notes on Personal Experience
Thanks to Capt Delson Roche for below details.
  1. MMD Mumbai, additionally want you to fill MMD PROFILE in CAPITAL LETTERS. Documents to be submitted and COC collected at Window 4 of MMD Mumbai. (MMD Seafarer Profile not required at MMD Mumbai)
  2. For Master COC Revalidation some DG Shipping approved Merchant Navy Institutes collect your documents and apply on your behalf.
  3. Since I got my COC revalidated till Dec 2016 (did not do Refresher Courses this time as have long waiting), I got my COC stamped and validity extended in the same day of applying.
  4. For new COC it takes 6 to 7 days after applying.
Since different MMD have different time span within which they revalidate COC, I have filed an RTI to DG Shipping for time bound services. Please contact MMD for exact duration within which it will be done in your MMD.

Would appreciate if you can leave a feedback too to help other mariners or share your COC revalidation experience with us. Best of luck !  

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