Seafarers profile photo problem ?

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    Seafarers profile photo problem ?


    I am trying to update my seafarers profile on e-governance site. But neither a link to upload my picture is coming nor can I print my profile.

    I have mailed Chennai MMD but got no reply till now. If anybody has any suggestions or solution to this problem please advice . Any phone number of Chennai MMD where I can inquire about same ?
    Thanks in advance

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      Hi friend,
           You can upload your image and signature after logging in to e-Governance DG Shipping Seafarer Profile.

      After login, on top there are tabs for selection. You can select Documents >> Upload Photo and Signature. Note this section is not highlighted properly, leading to this confusion.
      DG Shipping Seafarer Profile photo upload
      As for Profile printout issue, this is a long time problem of E-samudra Seafarers Profile. There is an option of "Click to view and Print your profile". Once you click on it, a file gets downloaded but you may not be able to open it on your computer. You can right click and select Adobe or any PDF Viewer to open the file. The file is a PDF format file but wrongly named by the website.

      While we have listed down all MMD Contact details before, but when it comes to seafarer profile issue, you are expected to contact for correction.

      Few other links which you may find helpful

      1. DG Shipping contact details
      2. CDC Checker Correction
      3. INDOS Checker Correction
      Best of luck.  

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      I am also facing the same problem.. Not able to print my profile and neither the de upload link is available. Did you found something ??

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