What wil b your action in resrticted visibility

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    1) Inform Master.
    2) Inform E/R.Get engines ready for manoeuvering.
    3)obsrve visually and make a note of all the traffic in sight,
    4)switch on ARPA and commence plottng.
    5)Switch on navigational lights.
    6) change over to hand sterering,
    7) switch on the other stering motor,
    8) post double lookouts,  one on the bridge wing, other on forecastle.
    9)try out pneumatic wistle and electric klaxon and the manual foghorn, by giving a very short blast on each, try out automatic fog signal unit,
    10) stop all noises on decks so that the fog signals of other vessels  would not get drowned in  the noise ,,
    11) keep open the outer doors of the wheel house so that the fog signals of other ships may be heared, even if they are very faint,
    12) commence sounding fog signal before entering into the fog.
    13) reduce to safe speed before entering fog.
    14)restrict hold ventilation.
    15) record all the happnings in bridge record book.

    Gaurav Bammi | 8 years ago | EDIT | REPLY


      inform master n engine room
      post look outs
      switch on n operate radar
      switch on nav lights
      activate sound signals
      proceed at safe speed
      follow ROR.

      brendon n kamlesh

      Sanjana Mathur | 10 years ago | EDIT | REPLY

        Also engines ready for immediate manouvering

        Vikram Singh | 9 years ago | EDIT | REPLY

          inform to master, stop all noisy work, switch on the navigational lights, one pro longed blast in interval not more than 2 min

          Surain Fernando | 8 years ago | EDIT | REPLY

            inform to master
            inform to engine room keep the engine raedy to manouvere and in safe speed
            start sounding the signal as per ror
            stop all noisy work like chipping
            switch on all navigation lights
            keep the bridge wing door open
            continuos observation of radar and arpa mUST
            keep plotting the position by all available means
            if it idicates the presence of any other vessel,acess the suitation and take the action immidiately in ample time

            Thiyaga Rajan | 8 years ago | EDIT | REPLY

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