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    X May 2017 - Better Oral Section / Offline Question Set

    While most upgrade last year went on the back-end side, today I realized that its almost a year since I updated this page. Few updates worth mentioning

    Surveyors independent of MMD
    When we made MMD / MCA Orals section, listing Surveyors as per examination Centre made sense. However, when last year few surveyors got transferred to different MMD, it would not show his name for the new Examination centre ! Thanks to Manoj Jagadish for this feedback and same was corrected last year.
    We did no stop there, we went a small step ahead. Now you can search complete question sets as per only Examination Centre or even only a particular Surveyor !

    Offline Question Sets
    Thanks to Rahul Prakash who wanted to download question sets. We decided that an ad free PDF download with complete Oral Questions and answers would benefit everyone. It would not only consolidate all questions for easier reference but also help in preparing offline.

    We have added a paid version of this downloadable Question set. Converting from HTML to PDF takes huge amount of resources and we needed to upgrade our server for it. For continuous availability and better services we have kept a price for these PDF version of the Oral Question set.

    We have protected these PDF copies. When we made we had a view of collaborative effort by all mariners to help each other, to a certain extent it also worked well. Recently we found our content copied by many websites and it was still OK but when I found our questions being sold by some, we did not like it ! We have password protected, copy protected and print protected these PDF files.
    We had a tough time deciding whether to print protect the same or not on feedback of Samiran Saha, but we decided to print protect it primarily due to following reasons.
    a) We want to move towards digital preparation ! Printing these questions make handling them difficult, while PDF files can be copied to any device laptop, tablets and even your mobile phones and study anywhere, anytime !
    b) Making it more environment friendly.
    c) To prevent selling of printed versions.
    Server Upgraded
    As told before, with more traffic and server heavy jobs like PDF creation and large file downloads, we needed to upgrade our system. While our cost is increasing, till now, we have been coping well with our available resources.
    Upgrading resulted in not only better Server, but also updated Programs and faster code execution !

    Some feedback were about our Mobile App too ! We still do not have plans to launch any Mobile App. While mobile apps may be seen as the future, we at JAHAJEE believe many websites which have jumped into this wagon never required to ! In near future we are trying to make the website more APPY, probably work offline too and you still do not need to install it !

    With a hope that there will be more updates and services within a year, I will take your leave ! Thanks to all for your feedback !
    May 2017 JAHAJEE Update  

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      X 02 Dec 2015 - Multiple device Login and Better Search

      We have started support of Multiple device login now. You can select "Remember me" while log-in from home page on multiple device and we will keep you logged-in on different devices now.

      We have also changed the side search functionality from Google Custom Search to Self made search. While we will be improving the search functionality more in future, presently it indexes the pages faster then google which was unable to index all Profile pages. Hopefully searching is easier for anything inside now !
      Hope you like the changes, thanks.  

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        X 15 Jun 2015 - Secured website and inline attachments

        For a better user experience for our mobile users we created mobile version of website however recently AIRTEL 3G injected javascript files to every website. This resulted in complaint about how our website is extremely slow to load on mobiles. Finally to counteract it we have secured the website.
        So no eavesdropping by ISP between you and our Merchant Navy Website ! :)

        Another feature which we have modified is that Multiple file upload can be done inline in between the content. We have also increased the maximum size limit of uploaded file to be 2 MB now.

        We are constantly modifying the STCW 2010 seatime calculator on your feedback and adding more rules to it. Please keep your feedback rolling. Thanks.  

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          X 18 Apr 2015 - Layout Change and lesser Ads

          We have changed the layout of this Merchant Navy Website, have removed the top irrelevant ads completely which benefits not only in better look but also in faster page loads. This also improves browsing experience for the mobile version of website which has more relevant content above the fold.
          Hope you like it.  

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            X 05 Apr 2015 - STCW 2010 Sea-time Calculator added

            Since we were getting many queries on STCW 2010 Courses we have added a STCW 2010 sea-time Calculator.

            The seatime calculator will not only guide you the various sea-time requirements but also brief you about various Merchant Navy Courses in India as per STCW 2010.

            For better customized reports we advise you to complete your profile. While we have started with Deck department, we do have plans to include other Ship Departments too. Hope you like this calculator, and would love to hear your feedback.

            16 APR 2015
            We have added support for ENGINE Department too in the Seatime Calculator.  

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              X 01 Feb 2015 - EDITING CAPABILITY ADDED

              One biggest limitation of any post at this Merchant Navy Website was that you cannot edit the post ! Well we have corrected it , and you can edit your posts easily now.

              We didn't stop there, we have added this editing feature to all post, this would help others to improve the content for better, with changes as and when necessary. A complete edit history of all changes is linked under each edited content for detailed reference.

              To control misuse of this feature we are allowing only users with more than 1000 points to be able to edit other user's post. Approving these edits is only available to users with more than 3000 points.

              We will follow with more details about this editing feature later. Hope you like these changes.  

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                X 15 DEC 2014 - BBCode Editor added and sorry for few missing data

                While we started supporting BBCode more than an year ago, but it was too technical for everyone and so to facilitate better use of it, for formatting of posts, we now have added BBCode editor.

                Each details text have the Editor displayed above. Yet again following the KISS (keep it simple silly) principle we have focused on bare minimum, not to overwhelm you. We may add/reduce buttons depending upon your feedback in future.

                We also migrated to a new server which resulted in Change of our IP. Due to this migration we have lost few data posted 2 days ago and also users who registered within the last 2 days. I am extremely sorry for this and would request you to please register again if need be or re-post your useful posts. Hope you like these changes and extremely sorry again.  

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                  X 01 AUGUST 2014 - Better Voting system

                  Have improved voting system and took me days to get it working for IE 8 version ! We might soon stop support for IE 8 since Microsoft stopped support of Windows XP and trust you know that we recommend Firefox browser, latest version for best performance. Following changes done in detail

                  1. Change in voting system
                  2. We are shifting from "Helpful" grading to voting system with negative points too. We expect to promote great content, query and doubts and shun spams, repeated and useless topics. We expect new voting system will do just that ! Present voting system has basic Up and down vote attached to each comment and reply. We will improve it with time but presently it should be a good indicator of quality content.

                    Since downvotes are taken very seriously, to avoid its misuse, only people with more than 200 points will be able to down vote a post presently. Note that each down vote, deducts 5 points of content writer and also deducts 1 point of voter !

                  3. Points system changed again
                  4. Points are changed again with this voting system, and may change again in future. We intend to add more authority and privilege depending upon points. Most details are already listed in "POINTS" under your profile. You can check how I earned my points here.

                  5. Removed Thank button
                  6. Since we moved towards the tagging system, all content creation came under your profile. Initially we wanted "Thank you" button as an additional token of appreciation since previously "Merchant Navy Forum" was separate from "Blog", but when we merged it, I think it started creating confusion with "Follow button" (We got a query if thanking someone would automatically make him follow ?). So no more Thank button anymore, simply upvote !

                  7. More Formatting options
                  8. We support BBCODE for formatting of content, and we have added more features including HTML Tables, Youtube videos and simple Smiley. A list of all BBCODE we support can be found here and we have plans to add more in future.

                  9. Follow Suggestions
                  10. We are also starting Follow suggestion for everyone, with an intention to promote more quality content writers and better connection, we expect Follow suggestion will help both our website and you in the long run. We also have future plans to improve and integrate this feature seamlessly throughout our website. Presently we are facing some problem related with it, hopefully things should be fine by this month end.

                  11. Connecting more maritime countries
                  12. Few years ago when we started  our purpose was simple, to allow exchange of maritime oral questions, we kept improving it and soon added more required features. We opened free inclusion of Maritime colleges and Shipping companies last year and are getting request from some more countries to include them for free. In our effort to connect all mariners and a mission to help world mariners find free information we are adding maritime college and companies of various nation now (India, Philippines and USA). We intend to be a one place website for Seafarers irrespective of nationality in near future.
                  We are open to your feedback and suggestions. Thanks. :)  

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                    X 18 May 2014 - Mandatory tagging and similar Topics

                    Hi friends, took long for this update but with this update we have started to synchronize contents together. Not only are tagging of contents mandatory but also merchant navy forum moved to tags. Following are detailed changes.

                    1. Mandatory Tagging
                      Tagging of each new topic is mandatory now. Proper tagging not only helps in categorizing content but also in greater visibility. Tags suggestion will assist you in proper tagging of your Topic depending on similar topics.

                    2. Similar Topics
                      To avoid duplicate content and repeated similar query, we have started "Similar Topics" suggestion in new topics section. Depending upon your content we try and suggest you similar topics. Please check out the similar topic and avoid posting same content again ! It is always better to post in an old topic so that experienced users can guide you well (best example is CDC renewal).

                    3. Avoid duplicate topics
                      Repeating again but duplicate topics not only creates more confusion but also answered less. If your new topic is more of a query than a unique BLOG experience, posting it in previous similar topic may give you better response. Always remember nobody follows your new topic but people may be following previous similar topic.

                    4. Merchant Navy Forum shifted to Tags
                      Merchant Navy forum had their separate unique identity. New topics were posted directly in Forum which created a little confusion as there were two options of creating new topic. After 14 Dec 2013 update we reduced topic creating option from 3 to 2 and now there is only 1 option. We hope this move creates less confusion and more focused content.
                    I hope you like these changes and your feedback is always welcome. Please suggest features you may want and  problems you find while using If you like our efforts, do not forget to write a testimonial, it makes my day ;-)18 May 2014 Mandatory tagging and similar Topics

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                      X 28 Feb 2014 - Consolidated tabs and validated votes

                      Last month we added Documents and Experience to profile and now have linked votes to it. While most updates were back-end changes but most prominent changes visible are

                      1. CONSOLIDATED TABS
                        Have merged most concerned tabs into one with more horizontal tabs than vertical. Previously marine course, college and best colleges as well as Shipping companies, ships and best shipping companies all had their own tabs. With this change they are within 2 tabs only. This follows with KISS (Keep it simple silly) principle and would bring all concerned tabs together.
                      2. MODERATED VOTES
                        For years we had open voting system where everyone was genuinely voting, but as is getting popular people started to cast fake votes. We have made more advanced algorithm to monitor such fake votes and hence votes are moderated. Please read Why your votes are moderated for more details.
                      3. TEMPORARY DELETION OF FEW TOOLS
                        We were forced to remove the Maritime Convention & Maritime Country data as the data were not updated for last few months. Hopefully, we should be back with them soon.
                      4. POINTS SYSTEM CHANGED
                        We have restructured the POINTS system with more points for meaningful contribution. PLEASE AVOID "THANK YOU" AS COMMENTS AND REPLY. We value great helpful content & if any comment/reply was helpful please grade it. Most users points have reduced. Mine fell from 9K+ to 3.3K ;-( . Our future works will involve more meaningful points and authority.
                      5. POPULAR CONTENTS
                        We have created an extra tab in BLOGS and FORUM showing POPULAR helpful content. While we are working about tagging every content soon, we request to please tag your posts properly for easier search.

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