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    Lately I found that it is confusing and cumbersome to apply for any Certificate/Document in any MMD. Afrodeepesh posted enquiry about applying for Oil DCE at Mumbai. I too felt the same when I had to go twice for applying GMDSS Endorsement at MMD Kolkata, with the online thing started it is even more confusing !!!

    I am starting this post to brief about the documents required to be submitted for applying any certificate, Endorsement etc. so that one can go prepared to MMD and avoid running at the last moment. Please also checkout MMD contact details to confirm the requirements prior going for any Personal Documents.  

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      X Applying for MASTER COC at MMD KOLKATA

      Following documents are required for applying for MASTER COC at MMD Kolkata :-

      1. Copy of GOC
      2. Copy of COC
      3. Copy of Passport
      4. Copy of CDC
      5. Copy of PSSR
      6. Copy of AFF
      7. Copy of PSCRB
      8. Copy of Seatime letter from Company
      9. Copy of MEDICARE
      10. Copy of GMDSS Endorsement
      11. Copy of INDOS No.
      12. Copy of RANSCO
      13. Copy of SMS
      14. Copy of Valid Medical Report
      15. Copy of EXN-45 (N)
      16. 4 Passport size Colour photograph.

      All the copies of the valid documents as mentioned above needs to be attested prior submission.

      Prior submission confirm that the Sea-time letter from the company bears the RPSL Number of the company. While the sea-time letter  from the Captain (Ship) is not required to be submitted, still the Surveyor will verify it in original during the verification of the Original Documents.

      Fees charged for this is 1000 Rs + Bank Charges.

      Once submitted you can always check the issuance of COC from www.dgshipping.com.

      And haan I forgot ....Congratulation on applying your COC...:-)

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        X GMDSS Endorsement Procedure

        Recently for GMDSS Endorsement, MMD started asking sea-time letter with a particular line about GMDSS Radio watches. This resulted in many mariners GMDSS Endorsement getting rejected. The line which caused this confusion is Record of sea service of ONE year in the last five years performing the duties of Radio Communication or equivalent ..... So in short when you ask your Shipping Company in India for your Sea service letter, ask them to include a line something like During this tenure, he operated GMDSS Equipment and kept GMDSS Radio Watch satisfactorilyYeh ! I know its perfect example of red-tapeism !

        GMDSS Endorsement Procedure
        After renewing my GMDSS I applied for GMDSS Endorsement at MMD Kolkata as well as MMD Delhi (Noida) (details later).
        GMDSS Endorsement
        GMDSS Endorsement Application form
        I am attaching the Documents Checklist page of GMDSS Endorsement Form for your guidance.GMDSS Endorsement Form (zip) [631.38 KB]
        Different MMD have different manually altered GMDSS Endorsement Form and hence only possible solution is to contact MMD. At the time of writing this GMDSS Endorsement Procedure, MMD Chennai still had old GMDSS Endorsement Application form on their website !

        Documents required for GMDSS Endorsement

        1. GMDSS Endorsement Form duly filled (Checklist part attached above)
        2. Two Colour Passport size photograph
        3. Original Challan of Fees (3000 INR, Please check Revised MMD Fees)
        4. Copy of GMDSS GOC and renewal, if any (Self attested)
        5. Original Sea Service letter from RPSL approved shipping company as described above
        6. Copy of INDOS Certificate (Self attested)
        7. Copy of CDC (Sea service in last 5 years Self attested)
        8. Copy of Passport (1st and last Page Self attested)
        9. Copy of Valid Medical Fitness Certificate from DG Shipping approved Doctor (Self attested)
        10. Updated DG Shipping profile printout (Signed in the end)
        GMDSS Endorsement Chaos at MMD
        1. For GMDSS Endorsement which STCW 2010 Courses are required ?
          Previously MMD wanted you to do STCW 2010 courses and for short duration they were issuing GMDSS Endorsement till Dec 2016 only ! However they realized this error and have modified the GMDSS Endorsement form checklist accordinglyGMDSS Endorsement Form (zip) [631.38 KB]
        2. How long it takes to get GMDSS Endorsement ?
          At MMD Kolkata it is generally done within a day, while at MMD Mumbai you are called next day !
        3. Any special requirements for GMDSS Endorsement at MMD Mumbai ?
          YES, please fill MMD Profile too ! (MMD Seafarer Profile not required at MMD Mumbai) Special thanks to Capt Delson Roche for sharing his experience for MMD Mumbai as detailed belowGMDSS endorsement is now called GMDSS CoC. At MMD exam centre, 1st floor, window 2, Applications for this GMDSS CoC are given. Window opens at 10AM (Monday to Thursday). Once the application+ checklist and challan is collected, Challan to be filled up and payment has to be done of (3000+50 Rs) at the bank.

          Important pointers here. MMD requires medical in new MMD format only. There are more than enough clinics around MMD to have this issue sorted. This will be the least of your problems.

          You will need to update and get printouts of DG profile and MMD profile (Both profiles). Complete set.

          In MMD profile your name and Place of birth has to be in CAPITAL letters - else you have to go to Churchgate MMD building and change it to Capital letters.

          Next, you have to go to MMD site and fill up an application form for GMDSS renewal. Your Challan number has to be entered during this procedure. Now it so happens that if you have previously renewed you GMDSS endorsement online, then the previous application still exists in the MMD database and you cannot apply for a new one (mine was applied 4 years ago)- so you have to go to the same window 2, and request them to remove it for you. They will ask you for you MMD login / Password and old GMDSS application number. Write it on a piece of paper and give it to them. They ideally will remove it in 15 minutes. (You will get the old application number from MMD site. After you login, click on "View application status") Once your old application status is removed (else keep imploring them now and then) you can submit the new one. Get a print out of this document too and attach it with all your papers and submit.

          Photos: Requirement for photos. Blue background, white shirt with tie or coat, no printed patters on shirt, matt finish passport size.

          Seatime letter: Original required from the company. The seatime letter should have RPSL number of the company and also be addressed to the "Principal officer MMD" (very important- they do not accept "to whomsoever it may concern")
          Submit all these documents to the same window no. 2, by 12 PM. (else come the next day and do it)

          Once documents are scrutinized and accepted, you will receive the GMDSS Coc the next day, evening at 4PM at the same window.
        4. What is the validity of GMDSS Endorsement given by MMD now ?
          5 years from issuing OR expiry of your GMDSS GOC, whichever is earlier !
        5. Why is COC and COP Checker so important for GMDSS Endorsement ?
          While GMDSS Endorsement Form does not have anything mentioned, MMD Delhi and MMD Mumbai ask mariners to verify and get COC Checker and COP Checker updated prior accepting your GMDSS Endorsement Form.
          Please note as per DG Shipping Circular, it is respective MMD responsibility to get incorrect data modified. Since MMD Delhi refused my GMDSS Endorsement Form because of this I filed an RTI for same. Interested mariners can download it at RTI for DG Shipping COC COP Checker (zip) [9.29 KB]
        6. Did MMD stopped issuing GMDSS Endorsement to UK GMDSS COC holder ?
          I found DG Shipping Circular for list of Foreign COC, approved by DG Shipping. However MMD stopped issuing GMDSS Endorsement to UK GMDSS COC, without any proper notice recently. We also found that there is a huge disparity how each MMD in India is working right now !
          I have filed an RTI seeking clarity about MMD Forms and procedures too (Sorry not for UK COC though), however we are still unsure about it !
          Last heard MMD Kolkata was accepting UK COC for GMDSS Endorsement ! I found a senior 2nd mate doing GMDSS Course for Indian GMDSS but a senior master was told at MMD Kolkata that his UK GMDSS is accepted !
        I will end this GMDSS Endorsement procedure detail with a reminder that by completing your profile you can get alerts before expiry of your Personal documents, as well as renewal procedures like these ! Our STCW 2010 sea-time calculator can also guide you about STCW 2010 Courses required to be done and Sea-time required for next Maritime Examination.

        I have followed this post with COC revalidation procedure and will be obliged if you can add your personal experience to this GMDSS Endorsement procedure. Thanks and best of luck.  

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          X Applying for DC / GMDSS / PS and Bilateral Endorsement

          Found this link detailing the documents for DANGEROUS CARGO ENDORSEMENT, GMDSS RENEWAL , GMDSS Endorsement, PASSENGER SHIP and BILATERAL ENDORSEMENT. Hope you might find it helpful too

           http://mmd.gov.in :7778/allendorsesuppdoc.html  

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            X DCE support level

            While applying for DCE (dangerous cargo endorsement), be ready with the following documents

            1. Update your seafarer profile at e samundra and take print of profile
            3. Duly signed copy of medical certificate from a DG approved doctor
            4. Charges for the endorsement are 1000 rupees per endorsement.
            5. Take check list from the MMD while applying and arrange the copies in proper order,and fill up the form provided.
            6. you will receive your DCE at the time instructed by the person in-charge there, different MMD'S have different time frames as described by Kashyap sir

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            X can i apply for dc endorsement

            can i apply for dc endorsement?
            i m a fresher rating and i have no sailing experience

            Karan Vaza | | EDIT | REPLY
            • X

              Trust you can apply for DCE support level.
              I was asked by my company to get all 3 DCE during cadet-ship prior joining ship. I did OTFC, CTFC and GTFC all 3 courses to get 3 DCE in 2004.
              You may not need to do all and DCE for freshers are not mandatory however its better to contact and confirm from your company. Best of luck.

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            X Indian CDC & COC

            Dear JAHAJEE Please Update
            details : 1) I have OOW (Officer on Watch) COC by Belize. I have a total 25 months experience as a Deck Cadet. I was issued RAdio Officer CDC by Dg shipping. I wish to have an Indian CDC.Can I get basis above experience?
            2)When I am eligible for 2nd Mate Indian COC exam?
            Please Advise
            Aniket Akerkar

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