Join Merchant Navy after Computer Engineering

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    Join Merchant Navy after Computer Engineering


    My name is Prateek. I am a Computer Engineering student from MDU university. I want to join Merchant Navy after computer engineering. I inquired with some colleges and did some self research on internet about joining merchant navy. I am now confused on to where do i get the admission and where to invest as i already invested too much on my It seems i am only eligible for deck cadet course. So I wanted to know

    1. Am i eligible for any engineer post in merchant navy that can use my B.Tech skills.
    2. Am I eligible for DG approved colleges , if no, will i be inducted in DG approved companies if i do course from Non-DG approved college.
    So please give me some information on where to get admission, in limited amount of money and to be able to earn immediately.

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      Trust that you have gone through

      1. Join Merchant navy after B. Tech
      2. Joining Merchant navy be prepared
      3. Joining Merchant navy India FAQ
      4. Why not to join Merchant Navy ?

      I will also be blatant with you. Please do not join Merchant Navy for MONEY. While you may have heard a lot but there is no job here for freshers. Thousands of uninformed freshers are searching job every year and thousand more join this crowd ! Let me now answer your direct questions.

      1. There is no Merchant Navy Rank which could use your Computer engineering skill. Nobody makes software on-board and most jobs are physical oriented. You are right that you can join Merchant Navy after Computer engineering as Deck Cadet after doing Diploma in Nautical Sciences course but that course can also be joined after 12th. So in short you will be totally ignoring your Computer engineering degree then.

      2. You are eligible for DG approved colleges but for courses which ignore your Computer engineering Degree ! For sure you can do some Maritime course in Non DG approved college and in theory DG Approved companies will take you, but practically this rarely happens. Companies in India know more about Indian system and while some non DG approved colleges may boast of 100 % job guarantee things will change after completion of course ! Hope you understand what I mean.

      On a personal friendly note since you have "limited amount of money" and you want to "earn immediately" I would advise you to join some job in your field. Please do not run after quick money ! Trust me it certainly is not quick here !
      You have studied and trained yourself in a particular field which will give you far more job satisfaction later. At this stage of your life just join any job you get, gain more work experience and slowly rise in your field, its much safer, happier that way. (I will cut my boring sermon short...I hope you got what I am saying). Best of luck for a bright future ahead.

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      Thank you so much Mr Kashyap , for going in depth to make me understand the situation.

      I appreciate your advise of paying attention to my own field rather than giving head start to another field at this time. I also question myself if i am ready to give up my Computer Engineering for merchant navy, a lot of times the answer is YES.

      I missed some points in my last question so,

      1. If I do 100% sponsored program from some academy (DG or non-DG),will you still say that they are boasting about job guarantee. If so, refer me some college, which can actually provide me some placement on the ship.

      2. I know DG Shipping and Non-DG Shipping academies matter, but there might also be some companies who are not DG approved (foreign), who will be looking to hire freshers. So, does it really matter if I go for DG approved or Non-DG

      3. I contacted some colleges, they are offering DNS course,as you mentioned, the one that caught my eye was Global pacific shipping and marine services. The fees is around 5-6 lac INR, for the whole program. What would you say about this ?

      I still understand that I might be headed wrong way, leaving what I studied for 4 years (Computer engineering) and joining Merchant Navy, but this is something i want to do from heart (not that Computer engineering was not something I wanted,but Indian trends have changed and you probably know that). Education of is outdated in private colleges, we are competent nowhere unless trained by experts. I would rather be in field helping out passengers from different countries and in the open world of sea rather than sit on a chair whole day writing some computer code which might also contain lot of errors. Thanks

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      Friend as usual direct answers. You are confused, do not worry most youngsters are, at your age ! Your questions have already been answered before so not repeating and links added.

      1. We never recommend any college ! Why ? Please go through BP Academy OR Coimbatore MC for ETO course. However colleges for certain DG approved courses have been graded, so please check Best Maritime academy for DNS Diploma in Nautical Science.

      2. A brief discussion about DG Shipping vs Non DG shipping can be found at GP rating maritime college selection

      3. Have discussed Global Pacific Shipping & Marine service and added more details there for keeping focused content.

      Finally why am I so pessimist because every month I get dozens of mails from various Merchant Navy ranks including Deck Cadets, TME, GP rating etc. to get them job, one of which can be read at Seaworld marine academy and other Non DG Shipping approved college. Most of the times when trainees do not get job, next they are scammed by Shipping agents.

      One more thing on your statement about private college, India is a country where engineers are either IITians or non-IITians (read private college). I can give you n number of examples but will talk only of CEO of Microsoft who is from a non IIT private college. Having said that competency has nothing to do with training (else big corporates would have never come out from College dropouts), its in you. Have faith in yourself, software industry have far more options. Lastly 99% chances are that you will not be helping passengers after doing DNS, in my 10 years of Merchant Navy life neither myself nor any of my batch-mates got a job in Cruise ship .

      I do not intend to discourage you but give you a true picture so that you can make a wise decision. All the very best for your bright future friend. Take care.

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